Basic Survival Instincts (Absolum vs Menog rmx) in Fineplay: The Beach 2009


1 . 1200 Micrograms - Speed of light (Dynamic rmx)
2 . Pixel and Bizarre Contact - Irealize
3 . GMS vs Space Tribe - Rhythm of life
4 . Space Cat vs Perplex vs Michele Adamson - Shut up and dance
5 . Black and White vs Epiphony - All that remains
6 . Shanti - Green Room (2009 Beach mix)
7 . Gataplex - Dance Forever (Dynamic Volt rmx)
8 . X-Noize with Tom C - Clockwise
9 . Absolum vs Menog - Basic Survival Instincts (Absolum vs Menog rmx)

CD and DVD compiled by Dj Dithforth.

The CD version includes 9 Mega-hits, produced by top acts such as Black and White, Dynamic, 1200 Micrograms, Gataplex, X-Noize, Absolum vs Menog, and more.

The awesome DVD includes 8 chapters, The Beach 2008, Michele Adamson, Black and White, Perplex, Bizzare Contact, Dynamic, Space Cat and Absolum vs Menog. Each artist is presented with a track and video footage from him playing at Fineplay’s events.

This special DVD experience includes an amazing selection of music, mixed, giving an extra dosage of party vibes.