We have a Secret (vs Khopat) in The Replicants Vol 2


1 . Hyperactive - Destroyer of Worlds
2 . Wizard Lizard - Lazer
3 . Remove - Mind Master
4 . Menog vs Khopat - We Have A Secret

Replicant Records return with the second instalment in the Replicants series, this time featuring a more high tech sound than the first volume.

Menog vs Khopat and Wizard Lizard (chiming in with a track originally written with Madnetic) contribute two classic numbers that have been tearing up dancefloors worldwide for many years now but are finally seeing a release, whilst Mexican acts Hyperactive & Remove contribute two blistering new tracks to round out the EP.

With mastering by the one and only Artifakt of Timecode Studios, if you enjoy quality fullon psytrance then look no further!