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Violent Operation in Colour Saturation

Colour Saturation is a psychedlic bomb, guaranteed to blow minds.

…shred speakers and cause mayhem on the dance floor. Colour Saturation is the 4th album from Space Tribe Music -Full Power 4th Dimensional Sounds, scorching synth basslines, searing leads, breathtaking crescendos and scintilating electric beats audio treats Crafted to alter your Senses, and send the dancefloor ablaze.

Monkey on the roof in Vanishing Point

Phantasm Records formed in 1993 to release the Mindfield debut single ‘Life Is An Illusion’.

They went from strength to strength with more Mindfield singles and then on to singles by AManite FX, O.O.O.D., Akasha and Quatermass.

End of Story in Psionic Distortion

Digital Psionics is proud to present our next step in audio damage. Full trance floor fury with fresh twists and turns leaving the listener lost in imagination.

This brilliant collection of 9 tracks has been selected to produce a fine twisted cocktail of new ideas and fresh visions for the dance floor and listener alike.We have explored exciting directions to unleash an impressive line up of respected artists for this revolutionary release.

Sea Wall in Planetary Nation

Causing earthquakes on the dance floor is what we really love to do, and this is our intention again with our last release in 2005 with a lot of help from his friends, such as…

Spirits in Source

‘Source’ is the latest psychedelic installment from Shift’s label Nexus Media.

Twilight Psy for misty mornings, the magical link between the dark of night and light of day.