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Sonoridad (feat. djane Tamíris) in Flamenco Mania

Compiled By Painkiller

After releasing his debut album ‘Brainwash’, and a smashing comp on 3Dvision records (Hardfloor), Painkiller presents his next compilation including a very special edition of psytrance combined with authentic Spanish flamenco beats.

Nilzomania (Phyx rmx) in Retrospective part I

All the biggest names from the darker side of the Timecode catalogue together one disc.

Azax Syndrom and Toxic, Lemurians, Shift, Menog, Phatmatix, the list goes on.

Never Again Vision in The Dark Side of the Groove

Compiled by CPU

After releasing several albums, multiple tracks and 2 compilations, Samy is presenting us ‘The Dark Side of the Groove’. This is the 3rd v.a. comp and this time he went digging some Slaming tracks for you all.

Mental Reproduction (vs Audialize) in Stompers Agony

Compiled by Delysid and Wicked Wires.

Delysid aka WickedWires has been raging around the world for the past year and ended up in the hot bed of South American Psytrance, Brazil!

Alien Control in Spiritually Spaced Out

This careful selected cd describes just the right sunset athmosphere to set the nightly dancefloor into fire. Perfect twilight sound to start the night with or to welcome the morning.