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Electromagnetic Waves in Fractal Energy 2

DJ Solaris and Fractal Records come back again with the 5th release!

World famous names and promised new artists have fused their force to create once again the Fractal Energy.

Musically Speaking

Spectral Records Presents, ‘Musically Speaking’, Menog’s 4th album.

Menog needs no introduction, as he already released his music in several labels worldwide and has been playing in the embassadors country of the trance scene for several years.

This time Daniel wanted to ‘translate’ his words by music in the form of an album.

Evil People (vs Shift) in Collapsed Generations

Spectral records is releasing ‘Collapsed Generations’ in 2008, this time compiled by Menog.

Featuring tracks from Menog and Shift, Khopat, Lost and Found, Audialize, Delysid, Menog and Fiuzz, Tryambaka, Hypnoxock and Chilled C’Quence.

Activate the Spiral (vs Shift) in Conundrum

That crazy Joker tricked you into playing The Game with him, and you agreed, unknowingly unprepared for the unending maze you had entered. He Activates the Spiral, and suddenly, Accidentally, you are lost in an orange haze. You panic, but with an edge of excitement. You are lost, but something in that puzzle completes you. You swing into Overdrive, spinning crazily round the spiral, and suddenly you reach the darkness of a Shadow.

Other Reality in Existence

Existence Dance Festival…the Bigest Trance Music Festival in Spain, now in Cd format.

Cd005 from Spectral Records, this compilation will gather artists like Menog, Painkiller and Fiuzz, Khopat, Shift, Tickets, Abomination, Jaws Underground, Midi-Terranien and the first worldwide release from Ateam, the new project from Bliss and Painkiller.