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Night Breed (vs Poli) in Stay Alive

Compiled by Wega.

‘Stay Alive’, compiled by new Spun artist, Wega. Bringing you the top sounds from the best Brazilian producers, as well as some of Spun Records’ usual roster.

Frequency Notes (Blazed rmx) in Mega Drive

Compiled by Twisted Reaction.

Geomagnetic Israel has the pleasure of presenting to you a compilation featuring 11 tracks from the ‘Mega Drive’ of Twisted Reaction.

Illiuchina - The Thriller (Menog RMX) in The Thriller

Spectral Records is back! This time a Release on a Digital format, the EP ” The Thriller” from our newest Artist from Israel, Iliuchina.

Omnimac in Growling Acoustics

Compiled by Shuumat.

Spectral Records strikes once again with 9 blasting tracks, compiled by a friend of the label, Ruben Gato aka Shuumat.

Basic Survival Instincts (Absolum vs Menog rmx) in Fineplay: The Beach 2009

CD and DVD compiled by Dj Dithforth.

The awesome DVD includes 8 chapters, The Beach 2008, Michele Adamson, Black and White, Perplex, Bizzare Contact, Dynamic, Space Cat and Absolum vs Menog. Each artist is presented with a track and video footage from him playing at Fineplay’s events.