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Abhilasha in Project Sun Dew

Beyond Logic Records is a new and dynamic label from India, here to create space for people to celebrate life and offer refreshing new productions of fullon psytrance music.

Project Sun Dew is the culmination of masterpieces by the forerunners of psychedelic underground from across the globe, coming together to create the perfect dawn.

Spiritual in Higher Levels

The first release of the new portuguese label Fungi Records.
A compilation assembled by Dj Sparks, that combines a dark way of basslines with a melodic and beautifull morning sound.

Nilsomania in New Blood

Let ‘New Blood’ rush through your veins and feel the quickening.

For timecode’s 10th release mysterious grandmaster phyx reveals his nightshaded underworld. Dark, Dangerous and Beatiful.

On my way in Doors of Wisdom

The first release of Spectral Records.

This compilation reflects the effort and the work accomplished by some of the best Portuguese music trance producers.

Odd sensations (2004 edit) in Influx Visions

The new Portuguese label ODD records brings a new compilation full of new and stomping tracks from some of the leading artists in the trance movement.