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MENOG – Studio Chenanigans

New Menog´s ep is OUT, this time on a diferent format, 2 collaborations, one with Iliuchina and one with Alienn, this 2 track EP is still rocking the top 10 charts on Beatport!

Dirty Passion

Menog & Nica Iliuchina “Dirty Passion” is OUT NOW and available in all Digital Music Stores…

I See Change (The Remixes)

I See Change was the Last EP release by Menog, now Dani wanted his friends to remix this track in their own style so this track can be heard in many different forms and styles.
I See Change is not only a track, is a message to everyone to think about all the changes in this world.

We have a Secret (vs Khopat) in The Replicants Vol 2

Replicant Records return with the second instalment in the Replicants series, this time featuring a more high tech sound than the first volume.

I See Change

MENOG is seeing into after-death existence before death.

In discussing the ordinarily invisible spiritual world of the after-death state, called Menog existence… “Terence McKenna”