Musically Speaking

Spectral Records Presents, ‘Musically Speaking’, Menog’s 4th album.

Menog needs no introduction, as he already released his music in several labels worldwide and has been playing in the embassadors country of the trance scene for several years.

This time Daniel wanted to ‘translate’ his words by music in the form of an album.

The Tribe Remixes

We proudly present the new and 3d album From Menog’s Studios.

After writing 2 solo albums, Dani wanted to combine his special touch with a few other artists in diferent music styles.


Spectral Records proudly introduce ‘Emotions’.

The second release of Spectral Records, and ‘Menog’s’ second album.
An excellent album that show us the efforts and the work accomplished, by one of our most talented artist ‘Menog’.

Natural Behavior

Menog’s debut album!